Real Estate and the Importance of Digital Marketing

With 84% of real estate professionals using social media platforms, how can realtors in the real estate industry further differentiate themselves in a saturated market? Your digital marketing strategies will determine how to differentiate yourself.

Let’s take a look at few digital marketing strategies.

  • Develop an Email Campaign

Email campaign is a valuable tool in connecting with new leads and staying relevant with past clients. Ideally, a well-rounded campaign will funnel potential clients through predetermined actions based on the buyer’s need and previous engagements with you.

According to an online research, the average open rate of emails for real estate businesses is around 27% with a click-through rate (CTR) of 3%.

However, the more relevant your content is to a client, the more likely they will be interested in opening the email to see what you have to say.


  • Create A User-Friendly Website

Your Website should include the following;

  1. Must be mobile friendly
  2. Must contain a list of all your properties
  3. Contents that will guide the potential clients through the buying process
  4. Links to relevant related services like legal, government declarations etc
  5. 24/7 Live chat (Whatsapp plugin preferable)
  6. Your contacts (Email address and phone numbers)
  7. And other important details


  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click – also known as PPC – advertising is an excellent strategy for realtors looking to generate new leads based on ads that you pay for every time the ad gets clicked on.

PPC is a great digital marketing option for real estate professionals seeking potential clients who may genuinely be interested in your offering, as you only pay when someone clicks through your ad.

Often, PPC ads can be targeted toward individuals who have searched for correlated keywords in Google or another search engine.


  1. Create And Post Valuable Blog Content

A blog is a fantastic way to level-up your SEO, build a positive reputation online, and provide your clients with actionable advice on buying a home or piece of property.

A real estate professional’s digital marketing strategy is nothing without valuable content, whether it’s shared on your website or social media.

Because content is such a valuable asset to a good SEO strategy, make sure that you update your blog regularly.

Typically, the material that is ranked highest on Google is between 1,140 words and 1,285 words, so it may be a good idea to write high-value, long-form content on a regular basis.

In conclusion

Invest in digital marketing training: In the modern marketplace, digital marketing skills are becoming ever more important in running a successful real estate business.

By choosing to invest in digital marketing training, you can ensure that you have the skillset necessary to stand out from your competition.

Article written by Ebenezer Dare. Twitter: @DareEbenezer, LinkedIn/Facebook: @Ebenezer Dare Olawole


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