Shared Hosting

Shared hosting offers the most cost-effective way to get a site online since the costs of maintaining a server are split among all the users.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting where a single physical server hosts multiple sites. Many users utilize the resources on a single server, which keeps the costs low. Users each get a section of a server in which they can host their website files. Shared servers can hosts hundreds of users. Each customer using the shared hosting platform’s server has access to features like databases, monthly traffic, disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts and other add-ons offered by the host. System resources are shared on-demand by customers on the server, and each gets a percentage of everything from RAM and CPU, and other elements such as the single MySQL server, Apache server, and mail server.
This style of hosting is best suited for a small website or blog that doesn’t require advanced configurations or high bandwidth. Since shared hosting is not sufficient for sites with high traffic, high volume sites should look to VPS or dedicated hosting solutions instead.
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Our Shared Hosting Plans

We offer web optimized and durable shared hosting plans suitable for your website and other web related needs.


For static and basic websites



5GB Disk Space (SSD)
10GB Bandwidth
20 Email accounts
5 Subdomains
5 SQL databases
2 FTP accounts
Free SSL


For SMEs and small traffic blogs



12GB Disk Space (SSD)
50GB Bandwidth
30 Email accounts
10 Subdomains
10 SQL databases
2 Addon domains
Free SSL


For eCommerce and good traffic blogs



20GB Disk Space (SSD)
100GB Bandwidth
50 Email accounts
20 Subdomains
10 SQL databases
5 Addon domains
Free SSL


For large traffic blogs



30GB Disk Space (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
50 Email accounts
Unlimited Subdomains
SQL databases – unlimited
7 Addon domains
Free SSL


Good for managing multiple websites under one hosting



Unlimited Disk Space (SSD)
Unlimited Bandwidth
100 Email accounts
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited SQL databases
10 Addon domains
Free SSL

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